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Biconvex Optical Lens

The construction of a biconvex lense shape.
An example for the using of the "intersection".
Objects:   "sphere".
Methods: "#declare", "intersection".
Click here for an example!

The princips of the construction of a biconvex lens.

The common parts (" intersection") of to overlapping spheres:

 //--------------------------  lens --------  
 #declare R   = 6.0;   //sphere radius
 #declare Over= 0.1;   //sphere overlap
  sphere{<0,0,0>,R  translate <0,0,-R+Over>}
  sphere{<0,0,0>,R  translate <0,0, R-Over>}
  texture{ T_Glass3 }
  interior{ I_Glass }
  translate < 0,1.2,0>}
 //---------------------------------- end --  
Example Biconvex Lens 600x450
About the other details in the above scene
see the scene description for POV-Ray:
"povlens.txt" or "povlens.pov"

Here is another sampel of lens:

About the details in this scene
see this scene description for POV-Ray:
"povlens2.txt" or "povlens2.pov"
Example2 Biconvex Lens 600x450
© Friedrich A. Lohmüller, 2009