Descriptions and Examples for the POV-Ray Raytracer by Friedrich A. Lohmüller
Design of the Interior of transparent Shapes in POV-Ray
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- POV-Ray Tutorial

  Content Overview
  material, interior, media

  - Syntax material
      texture + interior
  - Window Glass
      + max_trace_level
  - Fog, Mist or Haze
  - Syntax Media
  - Media+Density Maps
  Atmospheric Media
    with/without density map
  - Beames in the Fog
  Object Media
  Emitting Media
  - Light Sword
  - Candle Flames
  Scattering Media
  - Light through Window
  - Steam, Smoke, Clouds
  Absorbing Media
  - Dust Devils
  Special Problems with Media
  - Scaling of Media
  - Overlapping Media

Steam, Smoke, Clouds
Using "emitting media"
for the simulation of steam, smoke, clouds.

Steam, Smoke, Clouds.

To simulate clouds of steam or smoke, we can use a scattering object media with a turbulent density map and - if necessary - combined with emission.. The used container object should be fully transparent and made hollow (allows media effects inside!).

pigment{ rgbt 1 }    or
pigment{ color rgbt<1,1,1,1>}
To avoid cutting off the turbulent media we need to increase the size of the container object accordingly.

Ihe first image in the right row shows the contures of the container object (big sphere) and for demonstation the media shape with density map but without any turbulence.

Container object and density map without turbulence
Smoke and Steam by media
If we comment out the phrase "emission 0.6", we will get darker smoke. With "emission" we can lighten up the smoke to white steam of water.
sphere{ <0,0,0>, 1.5  // media container shape
        pigment{ rgbt 1 }

 interior{ //---------------------
    media{ method 3
           emission <1,1,1>*1
           scattering{ 1, // Type
            } // end scattering
           density{ spherical
                    scale 1
                    turbulence 0.85
                    color_map {
                    [0.00 rgb 0]
                    [0.05 rgb 0]
                    [0.20 rgb 0.2]
                    [0.30 rgb 0.6]
                    [0.40 rgb 1]
                    [1.00 rgb 1]
                   } // end color_map
           } // end of density
           samples 20 // higher = more precise

     } // end of media --------------------------
  } // end of interior
} //---------------------------------------------
Smoke from the smoke stack
Scene description for POV-Ray:
"steam_smoke_1.txt" oder "steam_smoke_1.pov"
White Steam
Scene description for POV-Ray:
"steam_smoke_2.txt" oder "steam_smoke_2.pov"

© Friedrich A. Lohmüller, 2014