Descriptions and Examples for the POV-Ray Raytracer by Friedrich A. Lohmüller
Design of the Interior of transparent Shapes in POV-Ray
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- POV-Ray Tutorial

  Content Overview
  material, interior, media

  - Syntax material
      texture + interior
  - Window Glass
      + max_trace_level
  - Fog, Mist or Haze
  - Syntax Media
  - Media+Density Maps
  Atmospheric Media
    with/without density map
  - Beames in the Fog
  Object Media
  Emitting Media
  - Light Sword
  - Candle Flames
  Scattering Media
  - Light through Window
  - Steam, Smoke, Clouds
  Absorbing Media
  - Dust Devils
  Special Problems with Media
  - Scaling of Media
  - Overlapping Media

Light Sword
with Emitting Media

Using "media" keyword
for the simulation of light emitting objects

A Light Sword with media emission.

With media emission we can simulate glowing, light emitting objects. The used container object should be clear and made hollow (allows media and fog effects inside!).

pigment{ color Clear }    or
pigment{ color rgbf<1,1,1,1>}
Note: The color of the "emitted" Light is specified after the "emission" keyword. But the media really "emit quot; light - it only means that it's visible without any extern illumination!
If we want the media shining with casting shadows etc., we have to put an additional light_source in the center!

Glowing kernel
The Kernel of the Light Sword:
#declare Blade_Center =
                  0.02, 0.01, 1)

     pigment{ color rgbf<1,1,1,1>}
     // the container should be clear
             emission <1.0,0.1,0.5>*7
          } // end media
         } // end interior
  } // end object
Glowing aura
A glowing aura can be made in the same way
but with bigger radius.
And finally adding a light_source and a handle
completes the sword.
 light_source{<0, 0, 0>
               color rgb <0.5,0.0,0.3>*0.75
               <0, 0.1, 0> <0, 0.9, 0> //
               1, 5                    //
             } //---------------------------
 object{ Blade_Center }
 object{ Blade_Aura }
 // + handle see scene description !
}// end of union ---------------------------
Scene description for POV-Ray:
"Light_Sword_1.txt" oder "Light_Sword_1.pov"

This object is available as a
ready-made object
for POV-Ray: Light Sword

© Friedrich A. Lohmüller, 2009