Descriptions and Examples for the POV-Ray Raytracer by Friedrich A. Lohmüller
Design of the Interior of transparent Shapes in POV-Ray
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- POV-Ray Tutorial

  Content Overview
  material, interior, media

  - Syntax material
      texture + interior
  - Window Glass
      + max_trace_level
  - Fog, Mist or Haze
  - Syntax Media
  - Media+Density Maps
  Atmospheric Media
    with/without density map
  - Beames in the Fog
  Object Media
  Emitting Media
  - Light Sword
  - Candle Flames
  Scattering Media
  - Light through Window
  - Steam, Smoke, Clouds
  Absorbing Media
  - Dust Devils
  Special Problems with Media
  - Scaling of Media
  - Overlapping Media

Simple Fog, Mist of Haze with "fog"

"fog" - Fog, Mist of Haze
without Interaction with Light

If we can do a scene without making visible of any light beams of sun light, lamps or spotlights this is a good enough simulation of fog. For fog with interaction with light we need to use "atmospheric media".

With ground fog.
Without fog: unreal clear horizon!
Constant Fog:
 fog{ fog_type 1
      distance  50
      color     White
At value of "distance" we will get 36% of the fog's color!
Ground Fog:
 fog{ fog_type 2
      distance  50
      color     White
      fog_offset 0.1
      fog_alt    1.5
      turbulence 1.8
Below of "fog_offset": constant fog!
Height of the fog up to "fog_alt"!
Ground Fog:
 fog{ fog_type 2
      distance  5
      color     White
      fog_offset 0.0
      fog_alt    0.3
      turbulence 1.8
Variation in distance and height!
A Font of fog:
 fog{ fog_type 2
      distance  5
      color     White
      fog_offset -5.5
      fog_alt    2.0
      turbulence 1.8
      up <-0.5,1,0>
"up <-0.5,1,0>" is vertical to the surface of the front of the fog!

© Friedrich A. Lohmüller, 2009