Descriptions and Examples for the POV-Ray Raytracer by Friedrich A. Lohmueller
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    - Area of a Parallelogram
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    - Angle of triangle & yz-plane

Analytical Geometry with POV-Ray

- Samples -

Calculations about a Triangle  
Calculations of the length of the edges, the normal vector, the area and the angles

Calculations about a Triangle with POV-Ray
A triangle is defined by three points:
#declare A  = < 3.0, 0.0,-4.0>;
#declare B  = < 4.0, 3.0, 2.0>;
#declare C  = <-1.0, 2.0,-3.0>;
The following values we can calculate
with POV-Ray very easily:
The vectors of the edges:
#declare AB = B-A;
#declare AC = C-A;
#declare BC = AC-AB;
The normal vector:
#declare N = vcross(AB, AC);
and then by |N|/2
The area of the triangle:
#declare Area = vlength(N)/2;
The angles of the triangle:
(in degrees)
#declare Angle_A= VAngleD(AC,AB);
#declare Angle_B= VAngleD(-AB,BC);
#declare Angle_C= VAngleD(BC,AC); 
Calculations about a Triangle  
(length of the edges, normal vector, area, angles)

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