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Design of Surfaces by "texture" with POV-Ray -
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How to make your own
color and texture collection

Attention: Don't add your own textures, colors and other objects to any of the standard include files! Otherwise they may be lost if we update to an new an better version of POV-Ray. We can add these own objects to a new include file i.e.:

For an own include file we have to write our textures in a file like this:

// POV-Ray 3,5 include file ""
// createted by ......
// ---------- own textures -----------
#declare Deep_Yellow = pigment{color rgb<1,0.65,0>}
#declare ClearWater = texture {Glass3
                               normal {ripples 0.5 scale 0.25 }}
// etc. ....
//--------------------------- end of our own textures ---------
This text file we save with the ending ".inc" in a subdirectory and we add a "library-path" in the file Povray.ini to this subdirectory,
i.e. "Library_Path=C:\Programme\POVRay\INCLUDE\inc".
For using of textures from "" we have to include this file just like the standard include files "" and "" :
// POV-Ray scene file Version 3.5 "My_Test.pov"
// createted by ......
#include ""
#include ""
#include ""
// start here with the scene descriptions     

       texture{pigment{color Deep_Yellow}
               finish {ambient 0.1 diffuse 0.9 phong 1}
               }// end of "texture"
      }// end of "sphere"
// ......

© Friedrich A. Lohmüller, 2010