Descriptions and Examples for the POV-Ray Raytracer by Friedrich A. Lohmüller
Design of Surfaces by "texture" with POV-Ray -
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  Design of Surfaces
  - Colors and Textures

    texture Syntax
    Ready-made Textures
    Do-it-yourself Colors
    Patterns Lists
    > Mapping Methods
    - color_map{ ... }
    - pigment_map{ ... }
    - texture_map{ ... }
    - normal_map{ ... }
    - average
    - material_map{ ... }
    - image_map{ ... }
    - image_map+gif 1
    - image_map+gif 2
    - image_map+gamma
    - bump_map{ ... }
    - transparency maps 1
    - transparency maps 2
    - transparency maps 3

    Your own Textures

mapping - textures with patterns.

"Mapping" is a raytracing and rendering technique, which adds textures to the surface of shapes by two different methods:

1. color_map / pigment_map / texture_map / normal_map

This is a kind of surface design by a pattern of stripes of colors or pigments or textures or normal structures (color_map / pigment_map / texture_map / normal_map) with more or less turbulence. These stripes are calculated by a function (gradient<0,1,0> / agate / bozo / wood / etc.) distributed over the whole three dimensional space. If we add such a texture to an geometric object, so it is like cutting out this object from a block that is totally filled by this structure like wood.

We can move these textures to get another part of its structure on the surface of our object.

2. image_map / material_map / bump_map

The second method we are thinking better as the projection of a diapositive on the objects - the only difference: it is also visitable on the backside! Here the image (allowed types are: iff, gif, tga, png, sys) is projected on the space in different kinds.


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