Descriptions and Examples for the POV-Ray Raytracer by Friedrich A. Lohmüller
Design of Surfaces by "texture" with POV-Ray -
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- POV-Ray Tutorial
  Design of Surfaces
  - Colors and Textures

    texture Syntax
    - Basic Sample
    > pigment{ ... }
    - normal{ ... }
      - pigment_pattern
      - normal Samples
    - finish{ ... }
    Ready-made Textures
    - Rules
    Do-it-yourself Colors
    - color rgb< , , >
    - Transparency
    Patterns Lists

    Your own Textures
color rgb

  About the syntax of
  the "texture" components

  "pigment { ... }"

This statement defines the color properties and the transparency of the surface of a shape. "pigment" should always be defined, otherwise the shape will appear only as a black filled outline.
This meight be done by following:
1) by a predefined color
pigment{ color Red }
2) by a rgb< , ,  > - defined color
pigment{ color rgb<1,0.8,0,>}    
3) by a rgbt< , ,  ,  > - transparent color

pigment{ color rgbt<1,1,1,0.8>} or
pigment{ color rgbf<1,1,1,0.8>}  
4) by a color pattern
pigment{ Candy_Cane }  
Color patterns also can be scaled, rotated and translated inside the "pigment" statement without effects to the geometic properties of the shape.

In this statement also a "quick_color" can be defined i.e. by

pigment{quick_color Yellow}
. This "quick_color" will be used for fast test renderings instead of other only slowly calculatable textures.


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