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The pages on this Website are designed by Andrea u. Friedrich Lohmüller.

Due to the death of Friedrich in December 2017 - and with the consent of Andrea Lohmüller - the content of is now made available as an archive of their works, by private initiative of volunteers from

During the site transfer process some necessary changes were made (e.g. the removal of Friedrich's email address and contact information, removal of page view counters and other infrastructure that no longer worked) but overall we (the hosts) have tried to keep the site as original as possible.

Generally speaking this site should be considered to be in read-only maintenance mode. It is known that many outward-facing links from this site are broken. As time passes these may be fixed, but for the time being unless an external link now points to a resource that poses a threat, please do not report them. If there is an urgent matter than you feel requires the attention of the webmaster, you may report it via the means provided on the link repair page (even if it's not link-related).


All images available from these pages are © copyright Friedrich A. Lohmüller, 1993-2012 or  © copyright Andrea Lohmüller, 1993-2012 and are available here for your personal use only. No image may be used for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, without their expressed written permission.

Please note that neither the volunteers nor the current hosts of this site can grant such permission.

The Design of this Website is © copyright Friedrich A. Lohmüller, 2012.

The program "POV-Ray" is "copyrighted freeware" - see documentation delivered with the software. Images created with this programm are full © copyright by their creators.

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