Descriptions et exemples pour le POV-Ray raytracer par Friedrich A. Lohmueller
            Objets Géométriques en POV-Ray
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Formes de Base
Objets par macro + CSG
Objets 3D text
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Objets Non-CSG
  - disc
  - polygon
  - smooth_triangle
  - bicubic_patch
  - mesh
  - mesh2

 height_field + HF macros
    triangle{ ...} - un surface simple d'un triangle plat.

    built-in shape, non-CSG
//Syntax: -----------------
triangle{ <vertex_1>,
        } //--------------- 
// -------------------------------------------
triangle{ <0.0, 1.0,-1.0>,
          <0.0, 1.0, 2.0>,
          <1.0, 0.0, 1.0>
          texture{ pigment{ color rgb<0.5,1,0>}
                   finish { phong 1}
                 } // end of texture
        } // end of triangle -----------------

Note: "triangle" and "smooth_triangle" are used normally to build all those objects which are too complex to be made by built-in shapes. They are usually not created by hand but are converted from other files (i.e. files which use HF_macros with file output) or generated by utilities (i.e. POV_Tree + TOM_TREE for trees, Poser + converter PoseRay for human and animal creatures etc. )
See also: mesh and mesh2.

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