Descriptions and Examples for the POV-Ray Raytracer by Friedrich A. Lohmüller
Geometric Shapes in POV-Ray
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Geometric Shapes
Basic Shapes
Shapes by macro + CSG
Shapes in ""
Other Shapes by macros
3D text shapes

Other Shapes
  - blob
  - sphere_sweep
  - julia_fractal
  - Regulare Polyhedron
  ->Paraboloid, Hyperboloid
  - Polynomial equations
  - Cubic & Quartic shapes
  - Parametric shapes

Non CSG Shapes
height_field + HF macros

Paraboloid and Hyperboloid from the include file ""

Before you can use the following geometric shapes the according include file must be inserted in the scenery description file by:
#include ""


Paraboloids, in positive x direction)  
Paraboloid_X, Hyperboloid     (sadle, see left)
Paraboloid_Y      Hyperboloid_Y
Paraboloid_Z      (double cone in y direction, see in tne middle, and right turned by rotate<90,0,0>}
These are infinite surfaces which can be used in csg functions like "intersection" or "clipped_by" with finite shapes to get finite shapes of these kinds.
These regular geometric shapes are defined symetric to <0,0,0>. Sample for how to use them as "object" by:
object{ Paraboloid_Y
        translate<...> }

© Friedrich A. Lohmüller, 2007