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last revised: 15-May-2014
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  Photo Galleries
  • "Der Karlsruher Wolkenatlas" - An intensive photo gallery about the fascinating world of the clouds. CD available!
  • An intensive photo gallery about mountains in the Alps, the Anden and in New Zeeland. CD available!
  • Photo-Gallery by Julius and Jana Silver. Pictures from about 20 countries, mostly USA in a facinating and professional quality. New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, US Nature, Yellowstone, Canada, Hawaii, Seychelles, Maledives, Ceylon, Kambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippins, China, Paris, Viena, Austria, Switzerland, Alps, Italian Alps, Slovakia, Russia, Animals, Locomotives. (de, en)
  • - by Kurt Bangert and Carola Bläsing-Bangert travel reports with photos from traveling in Sweden, Hawaii California, Japan. (de, en)
  • Photographs by Steven Pinker, Professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University.
    Phatastic photos from American West, Cambridge & Boston, Cape Cod, New Zealand, Santa Barbara & Pacific Coast. (en)
  • Shields Around The World! by Tom & Louisa Shields - a globetrotter photo gallery. (en)
  • by Galen R. Frysinger - a traveller's photo gallery. (en)
  • Seelenfarben - Soul Colours - by Engelbert Schinkel. A gallery of impressive works in photography and digital art with terragen. (de)
  • Paul Schmidinger - A tasteful gallery of 3d images. (de)
  • Artist-Photographer Teresa Lunt digital fine art by Teresa F. Lunt. Also a big link collection "Compendium of Digital Art". (en)
  • Irene´s Homepage Photogallery flowers, landscape, sunrise, animals, buildings, engeneering, minerals, North Cyprus, Turky.(de)
  • - Erwin Purucker With alphabetical link list of photografic travel reports (de)
  • - Fotos aus der Schweiz - photos from swisserland (de, en)
  • Dogon-Schulen e.V. - Mali (de) - Association for the support of school development in Dogonland, Mali, Westafrica, initiated by Hauke Olaf Nagel, Koblenz, Germany. Consultation for travelling (also: en) in Mali.
  • Uwe Post, Germany(de) A Gallery of photography from Paris, Mosel (Germany), Teneriffa , Tobago, Sri Lanka and nature.
  • Fotografie Natur Pur Nature in images and photos by Karsten and Jürnjakob Evers (de)
  • Nafoku, Natur- und Foto-Kunst Nature photography around Freiburg by Sabine Jelinek (de)
  • Klaus Steindorf-Sabath, Germany(de) "Reisefotografie, Reportagen, Studiofotografie" - photo gallery, also images from traveling to Greenland, the Netherlands, Namibia, South Africa and Region of Mueritz (Germany).
  • takinohosomichi - Waterfalls by Hosomichi Takino. - Takinohosomichi, meaning narrow lanes to waterfalls, shows various waterfalls in Japan with a Japanese short style poem Haiku. Photos of 1000 waterfalls all over Japan. See his great Photo Art Gallery! (jp)

  • Panorama-Photographie by Holger Schulz, Bergenhusen. Panorama-Photography in 360 degrees of places in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. (de)
  • Panorama Photography by Dr. Michael Penther. Panorama photography in 360 degrees of various objects. (de)


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