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3D Computer Graphics
at the KHS-Gymnasium, Kappeln/Schlei (SLH), Germany
1996 - 2007

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Project Course in the 13th class:
"3D Computer Graphics"
During the last years in a project course in the 13th class students created a great Computer Graphics Gallery # using the POV-Ray raytracing program.

3D-Computer Graphics & Animations
The images and animations shown here were made by students of class 11 with the raytracing program POV-Ray.

Workshop beginning with the 5th classes:
"Computer Graphics Workshop".
The works of students of the Computer Graphics Workshop from 5th to 13th classes in 1996-2007 but also from short projects at the end of the school years are filling a big Gallery of creative images.

3D Computer Graphics in Mathematics:
" Materials for Teaching"
Not only for the 3D visualisation of geometic shapes in 3D geometry, of projections and conic sections, but also for a comfortable plotting of the curves of function graphs or for demonstrations of Analytical Geometry, POV-Ray can be used in math teaching.
Descriptions and Tutorials for the freeware program POV-Ray

Architectural Visualisation by Computer Graphics:
"The Virtual School Building"
The Reconstuction of the school buildings of the KHS Gymnasium by Friedrich A. Lohmüller.

Links to 3D Computer Graphics:
www.povray.org - The Homepage of the freeware program POV-Ray with Download and Links.
www.f-lohmueller.de/pov_tut/pov__eng.htm - Descriptions, Tutorials, Samples and a Insert Menu Add-on with Download by Friedrich A. Lohmüller.
www.f-lohmueller.de/links/index_se.htm - Links to Schools, Highschools and Universities where POV-Ray is used.

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