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The Botanical System of the Plants
Das Botanisches System der Pflanzen
Friedrich A. Lohmueller

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Familia: Bignoniaceae Juss., (Trumpet creeper family - Trompetenbaumgewächse)
Tribus:   Tecomeae
Genus:  Incarvillea Juss.
(hardy gloxinia, Chinese trumpet flower - Freiland-Gloxinien)

Incarvillea delavayi
Incarvillea delavayi

Species: ~16 Geography: central and eastern Asia.
  • Incarvillea altissima
  • Incarvillea arguta
  • Incarvillea beresowskii
  • Incarvillea compacta
  • Incarvillea delavayi Bur. & Franch, - (hardy gloxinia - Freilandgloxinie).
  • Incarvillea dissectifoliola
  • Incarvillea emodi
  • Incarvillea forrestii
  • Incarvillea lutea
  • Incarvillea mairei
  • Incarvillea olgae
  • Incarvillea potaninii
  • Incarvillea semiretscenskia Grierson, - (hardy gloxinia - Zentralasiatische Freilandgloxinie)
  • Incarvillea sinensis
    syn. Incarvillea variabilis
  • Incarvillea younghusbandii
  • Incarvillea zhongdianensis

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