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The Botanical System of the Plants
Das Botanisches System der Pflanzen
Friedrich A. Lohmueller

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Familia: Illiciaceae Van Tiegh. (Anisgewächse)
Genus:  Illicium L. (Anise tree, Stern-Anis)

Illicium lanceolatum
Illicium lanceolatum

Species: ~42.
Geography: tropical and subtropical regions East Asia, America.
  • Illicium anisatum (Japanese Star Anise - Japanischer Sternanis). Southern Japan, Taiwan.
  • Illicium arborescens. Taiwan.
  • Illicium floridanum (Purple Anise, Florida Anise - Florida-Sternanis). Southeastern USA.
  • Illicium henryi (Henry's Anise). Southwestern China.
  • Illicium lanceolatum A. C. Sm. (Anisbaum) - Southern China.
  • Illicium mexicanum A. C. Sm. (Mexican Anise). Mexico.
  • Illicium parviflorum (Yellow Anise). Southeastern United States.
  • Illicium ternstroemioides. Southern China.
  • Illicium verum (Star Anise - Echter Stern-Anis). Southern China, Vietnam.

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