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The Botanical System of the Plants
Das Botanisches System der Pflanzen
Friedrich A. Lohmueller

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Familia: Ranunculaceae Juss. (buttercup family, crowfoot family - Hahnenfussgewächse)
Subfamilia: Ranunculoideae
Tribus:   Anemoneae
Genus:  Hepatica Mill.,, - (liverleaf, "liverwort" - Leberblümchen)

Hepatica nobilis
Hepatica nobilis

Species: 6.
Geography: central and northern Europe, eastern Asia and northeastern North America.
  • Hepatica falconeri, - Eastern Asia.
  • Hepatica henryi, - Eastern Asia.
  • Hepatica maxima, - Eastern Asia.
  • Hepatica nobilis Schreb., (Common Hepatica - Gewöhnliches Leberblümchen)
  •   H. nobilis var. pyrenaica (H. pyrenaica), - Pyrenees.
  •   H. nobilis var. japonica (H. japonica), - Japan .
  •   H. nobilis var. nobilis, - European Hepatica - Alps north to Scandinavia.
  •   H. nobilis var. pubescens (H. pubescens), - Japan.
  •   H. nobilis var. acuta (H. acutiloba, Anemone acutiloba), - Sharp-lobed Hepatica - North America.
  •   H. nobilis var. obtusa (H. americana, Anemone americana), - Round-lobed Hepatica - North America.
  • Hepatica transsilvanica, - Romania: Carpathian Mountains and Transylvania.
  • Hepatica yamatutai, - Eastern Asia.

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