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The Botanical System of the Plants
Das Botanisches System der Pflanzen
Friedrich A. Lohmueller

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Familia: Casuarinaceae R.Br. (sheoak, ironwood, beefwood)
Genus:  Casuarina L. (sheoak, ironwood, beefwood)

Casuarina glauca
Casuarina glauca

Species: 9.
  • Casuarina cristata Miq. - Northeastern Australia (Queensland, New South Wales).
  • Casuarina cunninghamiana Miq. - Northern and eastern Australia (Northern Territories to New South Wales).
  • Casuarina equisetifolia L. - Northern Australia, southeastern Asia, (Madagascar, doubtfully native).
  • Casuarina glauca Sieber ex Spreng. - New South Wales.
  • Casuarina grandis L.A.S.Johnson. - New Guinea.
  • Casuarina junghuhniana Miq. - Indonesia.
  • Casuarina obesa Miq. - Southern Australia (southwestern Western Australia, New South Wales(extinct), Victoria).
  • Casuarina oligodon L.A.S.Johnson. - New Guinea.
  • Casuarina pauper F.Muell. ex L.A.S.Johnson. - Interior Australia.

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