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The Botanical System of the Plants
Das Botanisches System der Pflanzen
Friedrich A. Lohmueller

Overview Plants

Familia:       Cactaceae (Cacti - Kakteen)
Subfamiglia: Cactoideae K. Schummann 1898
Tribus:         Cacteae
Genus:  Acharagma (N. P. Taylor) Glass 1998
Incl. Esobaria sect. Acharagma N. P. Taylor 1983

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Species: 2.
  • Acharagma aguirreana (Glass et R. Foster) Glass 1998 (Sierra de la Paila, Coahuila, Mexico)
    = Gymnocactus aguirreanus Glass et R. Foster 1972
    = Esobaria aguirreana (Glass et R. Foster) N. P. Taylor 1983
  • Acharagma roseana (Boedeker) E. F. Anderson 1999 (southeastern Coahuila and ajacent Nuevo León, Mexico)
    = Echinocactus roseanus Beodeker 1928
    = Neolloydia roseana (Beodeker) F. M. Knuth 1935
    = Thelocactus roseanus (Beodeker) W. T. Marshall 1941
    = Esobaria roseana (Beodeker) F. Buxbaum 1951
    = Coryphantha roseana (Beodeker) Moran 1953
    = Gymnocactus roseanus (Beodeker) Glass et R. Foster 1970
    = Esobaria roseana subsp. galeanensis Haugg 1995
Cacti and other Succulents
Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten

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