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Details on

- Basic features -



The Seven_Segment_LCD_Display
is a ready-for-animation model of a seven-segment LCD display with socket.
For Download of this include file go here.
Use the variable "frame_number" for let the counter run ...
for details on animation see
Example animation: 7-segment display.

Scale 1 unit = 1 mm.
The model is designed with a scale of 1 unit = 1mm for easy use together with electronic circuit boards from Eagle3D.
Note: Eagle3D by Matthias Weißer (de,en) is a POV-Ray plugin for Eagle by CadSoft Computer GmbH (de,en), an excellent program for the layout of electronic circuit boards.

Pin Raster 2.54 mm = 0.1 inch.
This include file uses a standard pin raster of 2.54 mm = 0.1 inch.

Orientation of the Pins.
The orientation of the both five-pins rows depends on the element type
(see "SSB_Type" - list in the macro, there controlled by "SS_Pin_Dir" )

It is also possible to make an according footprint in white on the circuit board.
This can be done together with the element but also independendly.

Color Options of the Segments.
The color of the LCD digit is determined by the variable "ActiveLED_Texture_Number_".
0 = White
1 = Red
2 = Orange
3 = Amber
4 = Yellow
5 = Green
6 = Blue
7 = Violet
Free Textures for all Element
We can define others than the given textures by declaring i.e.
//------------------------------------------------------------------------- optional textures
#declare SSBase_Texture_1 = texture{ pigment{ color rgb<1,0.36,0.6>*1.2}} // outer sides
#declare SSBase_Texture_2 = texture{ pigment{ color rgb<1,1,1>*0.8}} // inner base
#declare SSBase_Texture_3 = texture{ pigment{ color rgb< 0.75, 0.5, 0.30>*0.5 }} // inner top
#declare SSB_Text_Texture = texture{ pigment{ color rgb<0.2,0,0> }} // name + manufacturer
#declare Active_LEDs_Texture = texture{ pigment{ color rgb<1,0.1,0.3>*0.6 }} //
#declare Inactive_LEDs_Texture=texture{ pigment{ color rgb<1,0.60,0.84> }} //
#declare DisplaySkin_Texture = texture{SSBase_Texture_1}   //

2 Styles of Digits
We can decide between 2 different styles of digits: see the image left here!
Name of Element and Manufacturer.
We can change the font for the names by (i.e.)
#declare Socket_Font_  = "arialnb.ttf"
Printing the name of the element and the manufacturer is activated
by "SS_Text_On" (0 = off, 1 = on).
For a list of the available elements see the following page!

Download of all ready-made POV-Ray objects
zipped up (with all include files, example files and with
the according Insert Menu Add-ons for comfortable use!)
at the Download Page

© Friedrich A. Lohmüller, 2011